The fascination, magic and allure of mosaic art
begin with the intrinsic natural beauty of
the mosaic material. This is greatly enhanced
when the detail of the image emerges from
the apparent abstract of close fitting mosaic
stone and glass tesserae.

The results are spectacular and everlastingly
Michael Conrad lives and works in France and is a regular visitor to his mentor and tutor, Luciana Notturni in Ravenna, Italy. Michael formed Hand-Mosaics to maintain the tradition of creating hand crafted mosaics – “the free flowing arrangement of small imprecise hand cut pieces of stone and glass, creating a unique and harmonious arrangement of form and space”.
Modern developments in material and techniques (including technology) are evidence that mosaic art is very much alive. Michael takes full advantage of these advances to capture and archive ancient work which is of enormous help when discussing with clients the design of each commissioned piece.
Many references of his work can be seen in the Gallery and the Case Study provides a step-by-step guide of the creation of the Medusa commission.